get out of that comfort zone!

practicing is the best and fastest way to improve your skills. Take the plunge and try something new this month!


Never used those Prismacolor for portraits? You can’t get the Polychromos to work for you? What better way to try your new pencils out. You might even want to treat yourself with a small set of new pencils especially for the challenge. You can find some links in the Resource section of the site

new surfaces

You only ever use the same paper? There are so many other options. drafting film, UART sanded paper, canvas, stone, wood… I have linked some options in the resource section.

new techniques

Burnishing, blending, OMS, watercolor, ink, pens, pastels… Do you often hear others talking about these things but never tried for yourself? NOW is your chance!

new subjects

Never did a Portrait? Hate doing Landscapes? Have trouble drawing shiny objects? When you think about it you will find a lot of things you never have drawn. Why not try it out during the DRAWember challenge?


there are not many. Mainly: have fun and use this time to PRACTICE PRACTICE & PRACTICE
Get those pencils out and draw!

I want this to be a fun challenge. You should learn something and enjoy the whole process. This is why YOU should set your limits.

I want you to try new techniques, styles, methods, tools when drawing with colored pencils.

Don't forget to show us your creations on Facebook and Instagram. Use the hashtags #drawember and #drawember2016 so that others can see your work. If you have tried something new during the challenge let us now. Would like to know how you benefitted from the DRAWember challenge.

what others say

Artists worldwide are looking forward for the challange to begin

don't you know where to find good reference pictures?

YOU set the limits

Are you joining us for the whole 30 days? 15? or only 1 week?
Can you spare 5 minutes for a quick sketch a day? Is is a 10 minutes sketch or a 30+ minutes full colored pencil drawing?
It does not really matter, as long as you take your time to draw something each day and create a habit around that.

Do you want to trade one of your drawings with me?

I decided for myself to go with a 30 minutes full drawing on ACEO sized Paper. By the end of the month I will ideally have 30 of those cards to trade off or sale. If you see something you like, just contact me here or on Instagram / Facebook.